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Attentive to detail

We’ve spent years perfecting our expertise and are genuinely dedicated to doing our job meticulously. When you work with us, you can expect every project to be performed with diligent precision.

Trusted Team

Delivering quality results is a top priority of ours; in addition to comprehensive hands-on experience, our team members are formally certified to handle various technical systems and approach every task with your exact requirements in mind.

Responsive & Flexible

Speed is a crucial factor in our industry. We’re aware of the difficulties that arise when a technical complication takes place, which is why we’re always ready to offer our assistance at a moment’s notice.

Importing & Supplying

EUROPRO Vision is the biggest importer and supplier of digital cinema products in the UAE. After considering your service needs, our team will find the most cost-effective methods to outfit your cinema or theatre with top of the line equipment. And we’ll deliver it to your doorstep, too.

Setup & Installation

Our pre-installation procedures streamline the set-up process by ensuring that every product is functioning at peak performance before on-site delivery. Whether we’re working with sound or digital projection systems, our products arrive onsite pre-assembled in-rack, prewired, pre-configured, and lab-tested along with factory-certified technicians who possess international installation experience.

Technical Support

Alongside our dealer network, we are the industry’s most trusted partner in the design, deployment and support of commercial visual displays. Our technicians are trained to operate various manufacturers’ digital display systems, projection technology, audio equipment, servers, switchers and processors; their unmatched knowledge and skill will guarantee that your theatre or cinema is always set up for success.

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Our customer service is prompt, reliable and without borders. Wherever you’re located is where we offer our services.