Who we are

Our Brand Story

EUROPRO Vision is a multi-function auditorium solutions provider fuelled by a lifetime of passion, three decades-worth of skill and a persistent daily dose of grit. After years of working closely with industry giants from all four corners of the globe, our founder, Peter Khamas’ benchmark for quality was set by the best systems worldwide. In that time, the industry evolved and innovated by leaps and bounds at every turn; it became clear that, in addition to exceptional technical aptitude, curious and caring minds were crucial to creating – and maintaining – cutting-edge commercial visual display operations. So Peter built a team of attentive experts in hopes of bringing as much serenity and comfort to the people working behind the screens as to those who sit in front of them. Our knowledge and know-how merged with a genuine zest for unforgettable cinematic experiences to create CineTech in 2011, which had the opportunity to grow in capacity, global reach and strength after an acquisition by EUROPRO Vision in 2020. And we’ve since proudly formed longstanding ties with clients and partners throughout the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Our Values

Committed to you

Rain or shine we’re there for you. Our customer service sets the bar at exceptional, and our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied.

Be Attentive

Whatever you do, do it with diligence and heart. Our team is made up by passionate go-getters who are innately inclined to put in that extra bit of care when fulfilling any task.

Dedicated to speed

In our industry, speed is of the essence. Our priority is to offer you solutions and assistance as soon as new projects or complications arise, and not a minute later.

Foster Knowledge

All our technicians are certified to work with the scope of technology that designs, deploys and supports commercial visual displays. And whenever we come across innovations, we’re the first to learn, train and build our skills further.

Say Yes

There’s no project too small and no destination too far; every new venture is an opportunity to grow and make lasting connections.

Teamwork Matters

We’ve cultivated a culture of equality and respect, which means a lot to us. We’re all dedicated to getting the job done well, and sometimes that requires all hands on deck, no matter the job title.

Our Vision

To keep the magic in every cinema alive.

Our Mission

Our all-encompassing set of services caters to every aspect of the cinema experience with passion, innovation, and unparalleled industry expertise.

From product procurement and installment to technical maintenance,

we strive to achieve ultimate enjoyment and comfort for every audience member.

Our Partners

We work with the best. So should you.

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Our customer service is prompt, reliable and without borders. Wherever you’re located is where we offer our services.