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Technical Support

Rain or shine, we’re there for you. Our dedicated technical support team sets the bar at exceptional, and we don’t consider the job done until you’re entirely satisfied.

Online Support

Online tech support operations are available 24/7 and managed by experts in network audio, digital signal processing and loudspeaker function. We offer both remote access to your systems or step-by-step assistance through email, online chat and telephone.

Phone: +971-567724458

On-site Support

Our global on-site support team advises on the selection and implementation of digital cinema products. We specialise in providing guidance for venues that involve large-to-medium scale installations, live performance, concerts or productions, and public address systems.


Once we establish the contact options and products available based on your location, a team of qualified technicians will be on their way to fulfil your maintenance needs with efficiency and professionalism.

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Our customer service is prompt, reliable and without borders. Wherever you’re located is where we offer our services.